dancer’s training is the most important aspect to their growth. We recognize that working toward a competition, in a guided way, can help to enhance a dancer’s progression, however, the competition should never overshadow the importance of daily technique class and stage performances. Please discuss with your family and dancer if competition is right for you. BAC faculty is here to help you compete in a constructive and healthy way, but it is up to to each individual family and dancer whether they wish to participate in ballet competitions.


Please complete this form if you wish to participate in any competitions this year by August 27th.

We will begin rehearsals after Labor Day.

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Please mark your interest. You can visit each website to become familiar with each competition and see their fees, etc.

Below is the basic information regarding this opportunity. Please review and address any additional question by email to Jenny Barlow,


Classical Variation Private Sessions

• Classical Variations Privates are $65/hour, $50/45 mins., $35/30 mins. for all BAC Faculty. You will need to pay the teacher directly not BAC. Payments should be either pre-paid or paid the day of your lesson. Cash and Checks are accepted, no credit cards. Most teachers accept Venmo which is extremely easy.


Contemporary/Solo Choreography and Rehearsals

• Dancers competing in the contemporary category will need to hire a choreographer to choreograph their solos. All BAC Faculty are qualified to choreograph. Outside choreographers need to be approved by BAC. Choreography fees and private coaching fees will need to be determined by the individual choreographer and paid to them directly by cash or check. Please talk with Jenny Barlow about suggestions if you wish to compete a contemporary solo. Prior to rehearsals beginning your contemporary choreographer, music, and concept must be approved by Jenny Barlow.


Scheduling Private Lessons

• You will need to schedule your privates via email to

Please CC your teacher/choreographer’s when scheduling. Lessons must be scheduled prior to their occurrence. Teachers will send Miss Jenny an email after each rehearsal to fill me in on each dancer’s progress and verify that they were paid for the lesson. If you need to reschedule a private lesson please do so 24 hours prior. No shows will be charged a private.


Ensemble Choreography and Rehearsals

• Jenny Barlow will look at the dancers wanting to compete in an ensemble piece and cast those pieces accordingly. In some cases an auction may be necessary to place dancers best. Just because a dancer desires to be in an ensemble does not mean that they will necessarily be cast. Younger dancers may be encouraged to do an ensemble at a local level before competing at more advanced competition. Miss Jenny will advise dancers accordingly and created an opportunity for everyone in someway. Dancers competing as an ensemble will share the choreography/rehearsal fees.

Choreography fees will be paid to Jenny Barlow prior to the first rehearsal.

  • Duo: $400/per dancer choreography fee (covers the rehearsals required to set the piece, 6 hours) $40/hour per dancer for cleaning rehearsals.
  • Trio: $325/per dancer choreography fee (covers the rehearsal required to set the piece, 6 hours) $30/hour per dancer for cleaning rehearsals.
  • Four-Five dancers: $250/per dancer choreography fee (covers the rehearsal required to set the piece, 6 hours) $25/hour per dancer for cleaning rehearsals.
  • Six or more dancers: $215/per dancer choreography fee (covers the rehearsal required to set the piece, 6 hours) $20/hour per dancer for cleaning rehearsals.


• Each student who chooses to compete must pay an additional $150 travel fee to cover any travel expenses incurred by the teacher who will be accompanying the dancers to the competition. For additional competitions or Finals they may attend, an additional $150 per competition must be paid. 


Note- Travel fees

When instructors attend competitions, they are not paid for their time while there helping the students. They often lose money or incur costs to have their regular classes covered when they travel due to competitions. They must be able to have at least their travel and lodging paid for by the students in order to attend competitions. The travel fee only covers those expenses. BAC will plan to have the necessary amount of teachers attend each competition, but if parents wish an additional teacher to attend, they may help with that teacher's expenses in addition to the set travel fee. Although, instructors are not required to attend the competitions, parents are not allowed in the dressing rooms or back stage to help the students and they may need the help to perform to the best of their abilities.


BAC will offer flight and hotel suggestions. Families may choose to arrange their own travel/hotel or use BAC/YAGP suggested flights and hotels. All travel information should be submitted via email to BAC so that we know when you are getting in and can help you in case of any travel emergencies.



We advise wearing the appropriate costumes for the piece so that the student feels confident and can be seen at his/her best. Costumes are available for rental through Barlow Arts Conservatory of Dance, other venues, and some on-line resources. Jenny Barlow will advise you on the most cost-effective way to obtain the right costume for solo or ensemble piece. All costumes will be chosen by Miss Jenny. Same with music selections. Everything that makes it way to the stage must adhere to the BAC brand and be approved by Jenny Barlow.